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Re: PC: PRR 260471-260655 = PC ?

Mark Nolan wrote:
>         I was looking thru the Morning Sun PRR freight car #2 book which has
> a picture of PRR 260471-260655.  They are PS-2CD's.  I am modeling the LV in
> HO scale (1972) and figured that the PC inherited these cars.  There is not
> any picture or info in the PC color guide and since the PC does not have a
> historical society (yet) I figured somebody out there can help me on this
> project.  What PC numbers did these cars receive?  Did they last until
> Conrail?  How were these cars painted (grey, green ?)  Does anybody make
> decals for this car? Does anybody have any pictures of these cars in PC
> paint.  if so, can I get a copy?

Okay, if I read my ORER correctly, these are class H46's. By 1972 only
19 had been renumbered to PC, 888411 to 888595. AQt that time about 161
were still showing Pennsy reprting marks and numbers. Fast forwarding to
'79 (my how time flies) there were still 40 with PRR marks. NOw, just to
make somebody crazy following this (me) they didn't renumber them all
consecutively, H46 shows up with the 888411-595 block, total of 30 cars,
and another block of 66 in the 890852-890962 series. 
Jump to 84. Still 16 of them with PRR reporting marks, 260471-260655. 
By that time ther were 46 in the 411-595 block, and the other block had
expanded to 890852-911 total of 85 cars. 
By 92 only one was left in the original PRR number (don't know which
one, it doesn't tell me that, which is a shame)
All of tehm by that time, however, had been renumbered from PC to CR. 
So now you know all there is toknow about H46 covered hoppers. Why they
weren't included in the color guide is anyone's guess, but I'd bet he
just didn't have any good photos available, not to say there aren't any. 
So, as to which numbers to use on your 72 LV layout, PRR or PC will both
Can't help with pictures, have some of H45's and H54's but that's it. 

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