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PC: PRR 260471-260655 = PC ?

        I was looking thru the Morning Sun PRR freight car #2 book which has
a picture of PRR 260471-260655.  They are PS-2CD's.  I am modeling the LV in
HO scale (1972) and figured that the PC inherited these cars.  There is not
any picture or info in the PC color guide and since the PC does not have a
historical society (yet) I figured somebody out there can help me on this
project.  What PC numbers did these cars receive?  Did they last until
Conrail?  How were these cars painted (grey, green ?)  Does anybody make
decals for this car? Does anybody have any pictures of these cars in PC
paint.  if so, can I get a copy?  

        Thanks in advance,

Mark Nolan
Clarksville, TN

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