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PC: Re: PC loco retirements

Most PC/Conrail U23B's were traded to GE and cut up at Larry's Truck and
Electric in Ohio in 1995.   I believe this is one of that group - the only
survivor I know of is the 2717 on R&N.  (that doesn't include LV/CR or
CR-only U23B's)

U33B's were gone early - for whatever reason GE's didn't last as long as
EMD's - off Conrail roster by 1990 for sure and probably prior to that. 
Wish I could be more helpful here -

3181 - GP40.  All remaining units left the roster 1996.  I want to say this
one became a GP40FH for NJ Transit, but truth be told it could be just
about anywhere.  I remember reading the number, but don't remember where of

As mentioned the other two still are on the Conrail roster -

Bill K.

From: Gary Farmer <gary -AT- mssinc.com>
To: PC list <penn-central -AT- smellycat.com>
Subject: PC: PC loco retirements
Date: Friday, August 28, 1998 8:39 AM

Hello all,
Can anyone help with retirement dates & info. (or current disposition) on
the following PC locomotives:
U23B #2760
U33B #2957
GP38 #7893
GP38-2 #8078
GP40 #3181
Thanks for any help. Also, how about an "atta boy", or maybe a rousing
chorus of "for he's a jolly good fellow" extended to Jerry for providing
this list? All together now...
Gary Farmer
gary -AT- mssinc.com

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