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Re: PC: GP-38 timeline

Jerry Jordak wrote:
> Bill K. wrote:
> > Genesee and Wyoming 50-51 are old Conrail units (heck one is still blue and
> > has been on G&W for 10 years or more!).  Anyhow according to some of the
> > articles on them, they were among the oldest GP38's built and supposedly
> > dated to 1965 (as NYC engines).   I had my doubts on that although the 645
> > dates back to 1966-67 and a few of the oldest PRR SD40's got rebuilt to
> > still run on Conrail now.  Anyone know how true that info is?
> No PC predecessor owned GP38s. The first PC units built (7675-7814)
> had build dates of 6/11/69. (Source: PC Power).
> As for the heritage of the GNWR units, I think they were PC units, but
> not completely sure. According to the American Shortline Railway Guide
> (4th edition), GNWR 50-51 were built 5/1970 as builder numbers
> 7625-19 and 7625-36. PC Power lists an order for GP38s 7825-7867 as
> order # 7265, builder # 36441-36483, built 5,6/1970. So if you use
> the unit number of the order number and not the builder number itself,
> and assume that 7265 was the order number (makes more sense at that
> time than 7625--ASRG typo then), that would make GNWR 50 and 51 former
> PC 7843 and PC 7860.

To quote Sherman T. Potter "Give that man a cheroot'
>From Diesel Era Sept-Oct 97 (which had a huge series on the GP38,
including one just on PC's GP38's) 
G&W 50  ex CR7843, exxPC7843  built 5/70 b/n36459. Retired 5/5/85,
returned to lessor. To G&W 6/85

G&W 51  ex CR7862 exx PC7862 built 5/70 b/n36478. Same retirement data. 

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