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Re: PC: GP-38 timeline

Bill K. wrote:
> Genesee and Wyoming 50-51 are old Conrail units (heck one is still blue and
> has been on G&W for 10 years or more!).  Anyhow according to some of the
> articles on them, they were among the oldest GP38's built and supposedly
> dated to 1965 (as NYC engines).   I had my doubts on that although the 645
> dates back to 1966-67 and a few of the oldest PRR SD40's got rebuilt to
> still run on Conrail now.  Anyone know how true that info is?
Well, as has been stated here, the GP38's date from 69. My guess is that
the info got blended together with the R&S's GP40's, which were ex NYC
units. Somewhere around here I have a photo of GW51's builders
plate......there was an article in RMC a while back by Harold Russell on
the G&W, gave a history of their engines, with builder's numbers on the

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