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Re: PC: GP-38 timeline

Actually I was asking about the G&W GP38's - sorry for the confusion.

the 6960-6999 group includes:

10 former PacRail units (nee-KCS)
A mix of PRR and PC SD40's and 3 of the CNJ SD40's (6981, 6996? and 6999?)

> From: Jejunabra -AT- aol.com
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: Re: PC: GP-38 timeline
> Date: Tuesday, August 25, 1998 9:49 PM
> Bill: Those ex Pennsy SD40s that got rebuilt into SD40-2s are among the
> 6960-6999 group that Conrail assigned to these units. There are also
> SD40s from KCS included in this group, but I believe the majority are
> units. I hope this helps answer your question.
> Jim Mancuso
> Perry,NY
> email jejunabra -AT- AOL.com

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