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PC: O&W FT's

> The O&W units were sold to NYC as trade-in's in 1965 and a special
> train was dispatched to pull the O&W units from Croxton to Selkirk
> first. O&W units were fully inspected and lubricated prior to
> departure from Croxton. O&W units were started by their owner several
> times a year during storage to keep them in mechanically good working
> order. They were only started, had water and lube changed annually
> but not moved anymore because EL did not want them moved on to their
> other active yard tracks. Last O&W 601 was the lead east unit. Some
> other pictures show 802 as the lead when they were moved

Its a shame that, if they were mechanically sound, someone could have
used them as is. I always liked FT's.


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