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PC: NH Cabooses


Not all of these cars remain in New England or in PC colors but they
certainly spent time in both:

	NH C567, Lake City, Strasburg, and Wattsburg, PA!

ALL Strasburg numbers are suspect as no records were kept of the various
real numbers to fake numbers and fantasy paintings.  The Wattsburg car
was reported as CR 19876/23876 which could/should/would make it ex-NH
C567?  I do NOT have the reference to Lake City at hand and remember
none of the details.  OK, will the real NH C567 please stand up?

	NH C591 & C627 are reported in Lenox, MA, but C627 has more 	recently
been reported at the Danbury Railway Museum, CT.

I think the C627 was moved to Danbury about 2 years ago but have failed
to get anyone to confirm same.

	NH C618 is reported in Southbury & Willimantic, CT.

This car is probably the property of the Connecticut Eastern Chapter,

As a general question for any NH caboose fans reading this post, did ALL
NH cabooses use the "C" in front of the car number?

Thanks, Roger

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