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PC: Conrail thoughts

	As I sit here, I consider what is happening today. It is the last 
	day of Conrail. I stopped by South Anderson Yards after work
	tonight. It is nearly empty. Few cars and no sign of life. Two
	local engines and the yard job with it's caboose are tied up.

	A few minuites later I heard the whistle of an eastbound manifest
	freight. Grabbing my camera, I hoped to be able to position myself
	to shoot across the sun, but alas, this was not to be. I was too
	far away and the sun was too low. I watched it by me and I returned
	home. Even as I put the camera away, another eastnound rolls by
	and I listen to it whistle for the crossings ahead. And yet another
	freight comes by eastbound. It is as if Conrail is pulling 
	everything it owns back east.

	And now comes the track detector at Chesterfield with an alarm
	on track 2. I can make this one! I know where he will stop and I
	again	grab my camera and head out the door. I find him exactly
	where I hoped he would be. The light was still against me but
	he was under a tree line that shielded him from the sun. I 
	waited until the Conductor returned and the engines revved as
	he approached the crossing. Two, three more shots with lights
	on.  Two cameras and 15 shots. Surely, I will have one good
	one to remember Conrail on its last day. 

	As the consist picked up speed, I noted a number of 86 foot
	boxes with NYC markings. They were on home track as this
	was 'Big Four' territory before becoming a part of the ill-
	fated Penn Central and then Conrail. And now, this track waits
	again for the 'morrow and a new dawn with new owners.

	As I drive home into the setting sun, I can't help but hope that
	there is one more Conrail train through here shortly before 
	Midnight. It would be a fitting memorial to hear the cry of the 
	whistle and the sound of steel wheels on steel rails as Conrail 
	comes to a close.


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