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PC: PC gondola sighting

In addition to the gondolas already spotted...I thought I'd add one 
more. PC #598603 was seen trailing a CR unit-coal train on the old 
ex-Monongahela (MGA) line in Waynesburg, PA on 8/7/98.  It was pretty 
beat up, but still had the "worms" (well, mostly hidden under 30 years 
of rust and grime..) and PC reporting marks intact.  It was loaded with 
broken ties and other assorted junk.  I also have seen this gon in 
work-train service, now that this line is being upgraded.  There is also 
some other equipment here, a yellow snowplow (at least that's what it 
looks like from the road), some other machinery, and miscellaneous heavy 

Also in the train was RDG hopper #40311 (I couldn't see the last digit).
These older cars seem to be disappearing, or being repainted into 
wannabe "NYC" cars.  This one still had its speed-lettering.

--Chris Osterhus

Central Penn Station

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