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Re: PC: Re: PC Passenger Frieght Sightings


	Have any more info on those 40' boxcars in Altoona?   We are in the hunt
for boxcars right now.

Until later,


At 10:48 PM 8/20/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Bill K. wrote:
>> I saw some pics from a couple months ago to Enola i think - whichever yard
>> they merely store cars in now?   there was an untouched PC 86' 4-door high
>> cube boxcar in the yard, don't know what else.
>There's one of those high-cube cars in the yard east of the shops in
>Altoona. Easy to shoot from the bridge with a good telephoto lens, but
>it's a better shot in the morning. Lots of other neat cars in there
>too. On the south side of the yard along the road that runs along the
>yard were a PRR and EL 40' boxcars parked together behind a factory.
>I remember telling someone from the Danbury Museum about it--and he was
>going to check into it the next morning.... :-)
>I have a couple of slides of the high-cube myself, so when (if?) I ever
>get a slide scanner I'll put them on the web site. In the meantime, if
>anyone else can get a decent photo of it, scan it, and send it to
>me, I'll post it.
>BTW, I'm always taking new submissions for material for the PC web
>site. It might take a few months for it to show up, but it will get
>used eventually. :-)
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