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Re: PC: "Wreck of the Penn Central" book for sale

Went to a GATS show this past weekend in fort Washington PA.  One vendor
had this book for ... get this, $128!!!!!  While I was looking at it, he
came up to me and offered a 30% discount.  Still $87...Ouch!

Gerhard A. Stuebben wrote:

> While in Mitchell's Toys, Trains & Hobbies (Wilmington, Delaware) about
> 2 weeks ago, a copy of "Wreck of the Penn Central" was available for
> $20.
> Call them at (302) 655-1400 if you want it.
> Or, if you like HO brass, visit them and you'll really be impressed.
> Directions to the store are listed at http://mitchells.com/
> I have no affiliation with this store ... other than being a long time
> satisfied customer.
> Gary Stuebben
> San Antonio, TX

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