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PC: PC 4800

NES3524 -AT- aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 98-07-29 10:52:44 EDT, evillmike -AT- hotmail.com writes:
> <<  I also
>  hae a pic of a newly painted CR blue GG-1 #4800, hot stuff.  >>
> Boy, I'd love to see that one!   Was that a 1976 photo?
> Ned

It could not have been a 1976 photo .... probably late 1977 at the very

I have three different views of PC/CR 4800.  The first was taken on
3/26/76 while sitting on the Harrisburg, PA turntable [now THAT's "hot
stuff"!]. I understand this may have been the last photo of the engine
taken while lettered PC since it was repainted almost immediately
thereafter.  Too bad since the paint and lettering was in absolutely
perfect condition.

The second was taken during 5/77 in Vern, MD while the engine was in
pusher service (caught it running light). By that time it was wearing a
full bicentennial paint scheme! 

The last time I saw it, 4800 was sitting at the Trenton, NJ station in
1/78 with a string of P-54 coaches (got a night shot). By that time, it
had gotten the full "standard" CR blue paint job.

Gary Stuebben
San Antonio, TX

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