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PC: PC Passenger Equipment Sightings

Spotted the following PC passenger equipment during a trip back east
earlier this month:

Morrisville, PA:  NYC baggage car (streamlined, Pullman Standard) in NYC
grey with white PC worms (a VERY common sight in the early seventies). 
Can be easily seen from a public road running along side the tracks. 
Start at Morris tower and drive south, the passenger car will be on your
right along with other AMTK equipment.  If you want a photograph, be
sure to take a very wide angle lens along. Area is fenced, but appears
accessable (on the edge of a parking lot).

Phillipsburg, NJ: Pullman Standard passenger car (diner?), stainless
steel with PC heralds.  The car is semi-permanently attached to a
restaurant called the "box car" and is directly adjacent to the tracks,
very close to the free bridge connecting Phillipsburg with Easton, PA
[this bridge is a little south of the I-78 bridge].  Very easy to
photograph, but it's a morning-only shot.  The other side of the car is
blocked by the restaurant. 

Gary Stuebben
San Antonio, TX

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