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PC: Railroad Magazine early 70's

I have several issues of Railroad Magazine that I want to get rid of.  I have
noted where I have found PC or related pics or articles.  Unfortunatley there
isn't much PC in these issues, but then I didn't go through the text at all.
Of course, there's always the frequent pics of young ladies in hot pants
waving at trains that this magazine was noted for.

1970 November  Article: Steam Days on the Jersey Central

1971 January  Pics of PC passenger train over Genesee River in Rochester NY,
Long Island RR
April Pic of PC on Horseshoe Curve
December pic of PC motors at Harmon, NY 1/71

1972 June Pic taken from inside cab of PC GG1, 6/69

1973 December

1974 November

1976 June pics on "A Few of the Components of Conrail"

1977 July pics of PRR and PC E-44

1978 January
February  NH loco roster
October pic of PC SD-35 on the Curve

Issues of Railroad are $1 each + shipping

I also have a list of MR's, trains, Railfan, etc I can send if interested.
These are mostly from the late 80's, early 90's, 2 for $1.


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