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PC: PC paint -Reply


Certainly there were a lot of PRR freight cars around in PC days,
and even well into Conrail.  So this got me thinking: just how many?
The July 69 Equipment Register listed 178,900 cars made up of:

PRR  55.0%
NYC  35.3%
PC    6.6%
NH   1.7%
BWC, CASO, P&E 1.3%
(Does not = 100% due to rounding)

This can be done easily using the older Registers, but by Conrail they
stopped listing subtotals by reporting marks, which would require
totaling up hundreds if not thousands of entries to get reporting
mark subtotals.

Locomotives did not last that long in pre merger schemes. Under
President Bill Moore, Sept 1970 to Jan 1974, locomotives were
one of the major items that were PC'd, wiping out the old heralds.

Regarding the physical plant and maintenance, the slide probably
began after WW II, when modernizing (on PRR) was slow coming
due to heavy traffic wearing out what they already had.
I would guess about '71 was the bottom.  There can be lots
of debate on this.


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