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Re: PC: PC paint

Good chioce for moddelling... I have alway loved going to the Pittsbugh area
to see the former heart of america's steel production center... Not much is
left today.. you mentioned the "connecting RR" do you mean the Ohio
Connecting??? I coud email you a scanned article from RailsNorthEast on this
area if you would like.  we mapped it out last summer on a one day trip from
the OC bridge over th Ohio river down to Dequesne and further south down the
Mon line.... The area is truly facinating... this year in the spring we
mapped out the B&O from Akron to Youngstown and all of the other RR's in the
Youngstown area(and North) .  There are still a few mini mills in operation
and the area recieves alot of scrap-but Im sure its nothing like what it
used to be...
We are planning on continueing out last mapping trip of the PRR's Panhandle
from Coshocton east to Mingo JCT and eastward....


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