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Re: PC: PC paint

Initially the PC repainted equiptment as it came in for heavy repairs only.
All of the locomotive fleet had been renumbered in the 1966-1967 time period
before the merger. In 1970 the new president of the PC  Jordan was his last
name I believe decided that the old red team/green team infighting had to go .
There was a concerted effort to eliminate the old PRR and NYC logos on
equiptment and buildings. This was the period of the paint-outs where almost
any color it seemed was applied over the old name/logo and a PC was placed
over the spot. This didn't seem to apply to cars as much as it did to
locomotives and building signs. 
 The physical plants were already pretty worn out by the time of the merger.
Weeds had replaced ballast in many places and almost everything had a run down
look. I remember this era well and regret not taking more pictures than I did.
en McCorry

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