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Re: PC: PC paint

#1-I lived in Chicago untill late'76 and returned many times after.the
PRR&NYC  schemes lasted well past the PC era.I would say more than 50%
were still the former roads at formation of Conrail.         #2A lot of
engines if not almost all had at least "patch paint" (old logo's
blotched out) and painted with PC logo.This took place much more rapidly
than on freight cars.
#3 Things weren't in super shape at merger.The sliding started not to
long after= by the time CR formed it was a real mess-an interesting one
to be sure.We all regret not taking more slides I'm sure.          There
are some excellent books recently released on the PC.Lots of photos.I
live in Seattle now but do visit back east couple times of the year.Good


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I am modeling the Pittsburg area - Homestead side of the tracks - and am
considering the 1968-70 PC instead of the 1966-67 PRR & P&LE. I have
three questions concerning the PC:

1) How long did original NYC & PRR paint schemes last on the PC?

2) How quickly were engines repainted PC?

3) When did things begin to crater as far as physical plant and
equipment maintenance?


Greg Johnson
gjohn195 -AT- swbell.net

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