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Re: PC: Stolen PC Box Car Story -Reply

To all still interested:

The explanation of the stolen boxcars given by Bill is close to what is
in The Wreck of The Penn Central.  The book states the number of
good boxcars delivered was 305.  To sum this up, the it also states 
a settlement was reached where PC was to get back 352 boxcars
plus $150,000.


>>> <WJA410 -AT- aol.com> 08/12/98 01:35am >>>
The LS & BC ran from a zinc mine near La Salle,IL, west to Ladd, IL. 
Here the
NYC, CB&Q, MILW RD and LS&BC interchanged cars.  The story, if I
correctly is the LS&BC arranged to buy 500 dilapidated 40' box cars from
PC to be refurbished and placed into service.  The PC instead delivered
brand new box cars to the LS&BC.  Upon receipt no time was wasted in
over the PC markings and they were soon in interline service for the
That is until the accountants finally caught up with it.
Bill Angus
Chicago, IL

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