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Re: PC: Re: PC Silver Athearn 40' Trailers

ebulman -AT- bidmc.harvard.edu wrote:
> I know that they have made the **green** trailers for some time. I've had a
> set for at least 15 years. I had read that they were now making **silver**
> ones. Weren't these more common in 1:1 scale anyway? I never saw any green
> ones, but I saw a lot of silver ones with the green and white PC markings
> (on large metal plates on the sides and on the front).
> Ed
> The only problem is that the Athearn trailer itself is wrong. Most pictures of PC trailers are 12'6" height. Many are exterior post type. You can kitbash a reasonable likeness by cutting the ends off an A-Line 40ft exterior post container and adding ends from the ex-501 beaded trailer lowered one foot. I've done an NYC and an ACL like this and am working on a PC. They look pretty good. It's a shame no one makes a 12'6" 40 foot trailer though, for those of us modeling the 60's and early 70's.


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