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PC: Re: Re: PC Silver Athearn 40' Trailers

Right, they've had the green trailers for years, thats why we put SILVER in
subject spot. All the PC trailers I've seen in person and in photos are
silver, some
have large decals and some have fiberglass logo plates , metel ones too
I've never seen a prototype one like Athearns, not to say there were not
The logo on the old "green" Athearns trailers have the wrong colors to,
to the prototype ones I know of, should be green background, with white
and black PENN CENTRAL lettering.
So, is Athearns coming out with a SILVER trailer....................
How about tractors, I've never seen a PC one, what did they look like?


> From: ebulman -AT- bidmc.harvard.edu
 > I know that they have made the **green** trailers for some time. I've
had a
> set for at least 15 years. I had read that they were now making
> ones. Weren't these more common in 1:1 scale anyway? I never saw any
> ones, but I saw a lot of silver ones with the green and white PC markings
> (on large metal plates on the sides and on the front).
> Ed

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