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PC: Cool Stuff for Big Juice Fans!

While reading the model RR newsgroup, I picked up on the subject line of
"Heavy Electrics".  One of the replies pointed to a web page for a company
called Model Memories.  This outfit specializes in catenary equipment for
New Haven, PRR and even has NYC style third rail stuff.  It all works for
Penn Central!  :^)

If you are into juice, but don't want to scratchbuild your stuff, this
place will be your favorite supplier. The photos of their catenary poles
and supports are very nice. The NYC third rail photo is great too. I say
check it out!

The url is:  http://www.info-4u.com/modelmemories

The only thing I saw missing was triangular cross section catenary for the
NH fans.  (Their wire section does say "no triangular wire yet") so there
is hope. :^)  They do have very nice NH style cat bridges, though!

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