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Re: PC: What if?

> When I was surfing the web awhile ago, I found some simple
> line-drawlings of PRR and NYC locomotives...I was just screwing around
> with them, when it hit me;  why not put PC lettering on them (but, in
> the same colors and styles used by the PRR and NYC, etc.)? Well, I went
> ahead with it, and now have a PRR-wannabe PC E8.  I left the drawings
> alone, except for the lettering.  Imagine a tuscan red E8A with 5 gold
> stripes on it, with "Penn Central" lettering on it! NYC F7s don't look
> to bad either!
Can you post these somewhere so we can get a look at these?

Chris May
csa4ever -AT- ameritech.net

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