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Re: PC: What if?

>The Penn Central of 1998 would certainly have a new image for the 
>and rolling stock.  Knowing how corporations market themselves, I 
cannot see the
>simple black and white scheme with just the worms making it to 1998.  
>the NS is black and white, it is a "sporty", 1990's design/image.
>I think the worms would have made it this far, but the colors may have 
>retro-ed back to the white and red or some combo.  The engines, if kept 
>and white, would have some additional markings or stripes.  NS would 
>probably picked a different scheme for themselves if PC were still 
>If the color changed, I could see Penn Central going the way of CSX, 
with a very
>modern, well mixed color scheme (this is all opinion of course).  The 
>stock PC green was late 60's and 70's design, and would have been 
>axed by now, to probably something such as Conrail's brown.
>As for a full retro scheme of Pennsy and NYC as stated in a previous 
post, that
>is a definite possibility given the nature of marketing in the late 
>we know, a lot of companies are looking for the "retro" look which is 
top of
>mind with a lot of younger people these days. (Hell...even bell bottoms 
>As for the modeler, there are many exciting possibilities and room to 
>and debate.
>As for the rest of "what if" I think Penn Central today would be 
>that is all the current Conrail trackage without the Erie Lackawanna 
>which I think would have found their way to Chessie.
>Bill Cameron
When I was surfing the web awhile ago, I found some simple 
line-drawlings of PRR and NYC locomotives...I was just screwing around 
with them, when it hit me;  why not put PC lettering on them (but, in 
the same colors and styles used by the PRR and NYC, etc.)? Well, I went 
ahead with it, and now have a PRR-wannabe PC E8.  I left the drawings 
alone, except for the lettering.  Imagine a tuscan red E8A with 5 gold 
stripes on it, with "Penn Central" lettering on it! NYC F7s don't look 
to bad either!

--Chris Osterhus

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