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Re: PC: What If

>My library doesn't have the book, but they keep telling me they're 
>to get it in inter-library loan. It's kind of ironic. I've been waiting
>for that one for months, but it still hasn't come. Another book they 
>through inter-library loan was "Splash of Color." It's on the crash of
>Braniff International Airways. It was there within a week. Are the
>libraries prejudiced against railroads? Hmmmm...
I've read "The Wreck of the Penn Central," and I too, liked the fold-out 
chart.  Another thing that I liked, was that it was told from an 
unbiased (well, at least I thought it was) perspective.  Some other 
books you might enjoy are:  "No Way to Run a Railroad," and "Railroad 
Mergers and the Coming of Conrail."

--Chris Osterhus

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