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PC: Re: Re: PC Green Stuff

Actually I have a '60 Pontiac that started out once in a shiny metallic
light green.
By the time I got it it had done what all GM cars of that period had done -
faded out to look like it was painted in a light green primer.   I never
thought about it before, but since I liked the flat look I kept it that way
and darned if that too, doesn't look like the same green as on PC boxcars. 
 In fact it has even rusted like most of those boxcars have, I finally
parked it to slow the rot down - but it still starts right up, ran it last
month for the first time since thanksgiving and away it went....  

As a side note, I found a touch-up paint for late '70's-early '80's GM cars
that is awful close to what my car is supposed to have been.  it's too
olive for PC green, but given a chance to fade somewhere maybe it would
look similar as well - I see an older car in this shade now and then.

Bill's Syracuse rail page 

: From: Chris Osterhus <su_carbs -AT- hotmail.com>
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: Subject: PC: Re: PC Green Stuff
: Date: Wednesday, August 05, 1998 12:38 PM
: >This is in connection to the thread last week about PC green items.
: >
: >Last night while driving around I saw a Chevy S-10 truck in a green 
: that looks
: >awfully similar to PC green all polished up.  The truck is only a few 
: years
: >old and I'm sure its a factory color.
: >
: >Speaking of that, I beleive Honda had a similar green back in the 80s.
: >
: >A Olsen
: >
: >
: Last year, I bought a couple of old model cars.  Among the items aquired 
: was a lime-green 1963 Chrysler 300.  When I got it, however, it had 
: about 30 years worth of grime on it, so it resembled one of the PC's 
: boxcars!
: --Chris Osterhus
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