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  In a message to the Freight Car List dated 31 July 1998, Jim Eager wrote:

<< Although I haven't seen one, I suspect the PC's X65 class were based on the
NYC exterior-post 50-footers rather than the Pennsy's X-58 design, no? >>

  Sounds right to me.  The reason that Conrail car immediately reminded me of
an X58 is that I've seen plenty of these still common Pennsy cars, and have
come across numerous photos, both online and in print media, plus at least 3
modeling articles;  however, I remain practically ignorant of the similar NYC
external post box cars.

  I decided to take another look at the video I shot of CR 266707, in order to
find any other differences between it and the X58, in addition to the obvious
one, those Despatch ends and roof.

  The most notable visual difference is in the side configuration.

  That X65 has 7 posts/8 panels on either side of the door;  all the panels
appear to be of equal width, except for those right next to the door, which
seem to be just a little bit narrower.  On the X58, the side panels next to
the end are definitely narrower (to accomodate the width of the grab irons?),
and there are 8 posts/9 panels on either side of the door.

  The side sill on neither car is perfectly straight;  instead, there's a
slight "dip," sloping down at about a 30 degree angle.  On the X65, this
starts beneath the 3rd post from the end and terminates just short of the 4th
post.  On the X58, the dip begins about 2/3's of a panel past the 3rd post
from the end and ends almost beneath the middle of the 5th panel.

  Perhaps the X65's side configuration will seem familiar to those acquainted
with the NYC exterior-post 50-footers.

  This evening, I came across an image by Tom Wolfgang of another X65 at the
"Conrail Cyclopedia" web site.  His caption to CR 229782 describes it as:

<< A former LV 50' boxcar from the LV 8300-8399 series >>

  The LV 8300-8399 series was built in 1969 at the Despatch Shops Inc., East
Rochester NY, according to the roster in "Box Car Production 1963-1994,"
compiled by David G. Casdorph (Society of Freight Car Historians  1st Edition:

  The following is a direct link to the boxcar photo section of the Conrail


  By the way, CR 266707 is the X65 mentioned in my 2 August 1997 query to the
"Conrail-Talk" mailing list:

<<  The other day, I saw a Conrail X65 class boxcar with a white stencil to
the right of its serial number reading "P-20."
<<  Yesterday, I got back a slide I'd shot of the Despatch end on a moving X67
high cube.  In the lower portion of the RA side was a similar stencil reading
<<  Could anyone tell me what these stencils on the sides of Conrail boxcars
mean?  >>

  Has anyone else noticed these white "P-" stencils on Conrail box cars?

    Tom Jelinek
    Bx39crle -AT- aol.com

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