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Re: PC: Re: PC Mt. Kisco station sign

Did the Altoona sign have speed lettering, or straight lettering with a
white border? Dark, reflective green or PC green? Just curious. Thanks!
Gary Farmer
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From: alcoman <alcoman -AT- net.bluemoon.net>
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Date: Tuesday, June 16, 1998 4:55 PM
Subject: Re: PC: Re: PC Mt. Kisco station sign

>I know what you are talking about
>I was at CP SLOPE in Altoona PA back in May.  On the interlocking control
>shack there is a sign in the standeard CR Blue Back ground with white
>letters bolted to the side of the structure, but if you look close enuff
>under that is a wood sign with a Green background and a white border
>around it,  I can only imagine that that is the PC sign for SLOPE.  THe
>new building at the RR Memorial Museum was not open so we checked out the
>"old" building.  Inside the display area was a PC-Style Lettered sign with
>a green background that said ALTOONA on it so I figure that was the
>Altoona Station sign from PC days
>On Tue, 16 Jun 1998 Mester123 -AT- aol.com wrote:
>> I while back I had posted something about a PC station sign still
existing at
>> the former PC Mount Kisco, New York station.  It was a station sign with
a PC
>> green background and white letters that were slanted like "PENN CENTRAL"
>> on many PC things.
>> Well, the station is scheduled to be restored soon, and the first step
>> restoration begins, is removing the lead paint from the building, which
>> being done now.  The PC station sign and the ancient wooden station sign
>> the agents bay window, have both been taken off the building while the
work is
>> being done.  So just to let PC fans who are in the vicinity of the old
>> "Metropolitan Region" of the Penn Central, the sign IS NOT on the station
>> the present time.  I never got to get a photo of it, so I hope they're
>> to put the sign back when the restoration is done.
>> If and when the PC sign is put back, I'll get a photo of the sign and
send it
>> to the PC web site so everyone will understand what I'm talking about!
>> John W.
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