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Re: PC: Re: PC MU # 1077

Do you mean that they are removing the steps from the 1100 series cars, or are
they just welding the traps shut?  It's really stupid when you think about it.
In an emergency, if you need to get passengers off along the ROW, how's an old
person supposed to get off the train.  If there is a serious fire or something
else major on the train, and everyone has to get off in a hurry, no young
people are going to wait their time for the conductor to help an old person
off the car.  But if the steps are open to climb down, they can step down the
steps under the trap doors with little trouble at all.  NYC, NH, and all the
others would have thought about this, but in todays times, there are so many
non-railroaders running the RR's, that there are more of them than real
railroaders like Donald Nelson (former president of the MNRR  for those who
don't know) running the RR's.  Maybe there's still hope on the freight RR's.
Does anyone know?

I guess the days of real railroaders running RR's predominantly ended in the
days just after Penn Central disappeared (corporately).  Now commuter trains
are more like circus trains as Mr. Rosenfeld once pointed out to me.

John Weyhausen

BTW, "New York Central Color Photos; Book 3" by Ed Nowak has some great NYC MU
photos in it, including our famous 4500 series cars in NYC paint.  It shows
how desperate the poor old NYC got in the last days.  In one section the book
shows this really hot woman who must have been in her 20s climbing into a 4500
series car with the conductor helping her.  It must have been taken in the
early 1960s.  I want to see her now!  She probably looks just as bad as old
4500 series MU 1077 over at Croton, NY!  

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