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Re: PC: Re: PC MU # 1077

Great idea!  Let's see one more time if DRM is interested, and if not, exactly
what you said at the end of your message.  The car sounds like it's in
horrendous condition and since the cabs are gone, this alone may turn them
away from the car.  The BETTER get some 1100 series cars though when they're
retired which will be soon.  Those things are in PERFECT condition, and the
DRM can get about, oh just say 8 of them, repiant them in New York Central
colors with NYC lettering, acquire two about to be retired FL-9's, paint them
up in the New Haven colors again, and run the 1100's in their NYC paint in
push pull with the FL-9's ratherthan bothering the MNRR for equipment on
excursions.  When they're not using the equipment on excursions, they can have
it on display.  I've spoken to John Silbert of the DRM, and he said they like
the idea about the 1100's because they have reversable seats, so that when the
train reaches the end of the line on an excursion, no one has to ride
backwards for the trip back as many people do on DRM excursions using MNRR

I think it's a dumb idea anyway, for a RR to buy passenger equipment that has
fixed seats.  The reversable seats are a great idea and even add flavor to the
coaches for us railfans.  There's just something about hearing a conductor
flip a seat to the other direction that there isn't with fixed seats.  Another
thing is the trap doors at the vestibules of each coach with the steps leading
down to the platform under them.  There's that sound that you know the train
is about to leave the station when you hear to the door hit them metal.

John Weyhausen

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