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Several messages have mentioned LIRR F and FA locomotives used as
HEP/Control Cab cars. A recent ad in Railway Age stated that about ten of
these locomotives are for sale by LIRR. The F units are models F7 and F9;
I don't remember if the FA locomotives are FA, FA2, or a mix of both
models, but LIRR has used both. These locomotives no longer have traction
motors. The prime mover is used to generate HEP (600 VDC, I think); I
don't know if the locomotives have been repowered, but knowing the
relibility problems of the original FA prime mover, some repowering would
probably be a safe assumption. I don't know the history of the units,
other than some of the Alcos came from the Louisville and Nashville.

The ad also stated that about 170 passenger cars will be sold, too.
Unless some other commuter roads or rebuilders start a bidding frenzy,
this may be the chance for individuals or museums to get in-service
equipment at near scrap prices.

Bryan Turner

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