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Re: PC: Re: PC MU # 1077

Hello all,

I was in Croton on this past Saturday and found the 1077.  Its current reporting marks are XMTA 1077.  It has been converted to what I would call a tool car.  For example, the B-60 baggage car that Danbury got of the CDOT wire train was a tool car.  It was used to carry all the tools and machinery needed to complete the job, although on the wire train they aparently used one of the 4600's (MNCW#017) to hold fuels (diesel & caraceen) and spools of catenary wire.  Anyway, back to the 1077.  It is currently wearing an extreamly ugly beige, as well as about 10 years worth of dirt.  I Smudged the dirt above the road number so that it now reads NYC 1077.  That will probably be gone by the next time it rains, but...  This car has also had both cabs sealed and removed.  I would personaly like to see exterior restoration happen to this car.  The car is currently wedged between two MTA coaches (one of them being XMTA 2438), and the wont be going anywhere anytime soon.  In order to acess these cars, they would have to either install a new switch or move about ten other cars with no brakes first.

I'm going to try one more time with DRM, and if they don't want it, f*** them.




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