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PC: Re: PC units on LIRR

Speaking of former PC units, the Long Island Rail Road rosters some
interesting diesel equipment.  It includes some GP-units that are out on the
east end of each train, all of which (the GP-units) are powered that are out
on the east end of these trains.  On the west end are usually some very
interestimg ancient equipment that includes peices like F-7's and F-A's just
to tell about a few.  These as far as I know, are non-powered and are used  as
cab cars in a sense.  They are found on the west end of the trains.  

Getting back to the subject that I was on, does anyone know if any of those
diesels (the GP-units or the old mainline units) were ever Penn Central units?
To my knowledge none of them were built for LIRR use originally.  Is this
true?  If so, did any run on PC or run in service for PC?   Are there any
still running LIRR diesel units that were originally built for the LIRR?


John Weyhausen

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