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Re: PC: RE: Re: Upper Harlem Line

If anyone expresses interest, I will make a post (probably to a web page) upper harlem time tables, such as:

(all of the below is copied from the respective covers of the timetables, although in some cases I have used abreviations to save banwith)

*NYC, Harlem Division Timetables, NY, Berkshire Hills, Litchfield Hills, Lake Mahopac, Brewster, Pawling, Dover Plains, Millerton, Chatham, Pittsfield, North Adams...dated 12/05/48.
* NYC, Harlem Div., Area TT. for NY, Pawling, Dover Plains, Millerton, Hillsdale, Chatham...dated 10/29/67.
*NYC Harlem Div. Suburban TT. for NY, Mt. Vernon, White Plains, Pleasantvlle, Chappaqua, Mt. Kisco, Brewster...dated 10/25/64.
*PC NY Region ETT #1, Pages 108-118, White Plains North Station to Ghent Branch, Westward...dated 04/28/68.
*PC NY Region ETT #1, Pages 200-209, Ghent to White Plains North Station Branch, Eastward...dated 04/28/68.
*Hudson Division, Penn Central, NY, Yonkers, Tarrytown, Ossining, Croton-Harmon, Peekskill, Beacon, Poughkeepsie, and Intermediate Stations...dated 10/26/69.

If I see a good amount of interest in any/all of the above, I will put them (in .jpg form) on a web page.  Please contact me off list, at metronorth1100 -AT- hotmail.com...



Danbury Railway Museum:

These opinion are MINE and I dont care if you (Jaap) like them.
The views/opinions expressed above do not reflect those of Danbury Railway Museum.

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