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PC: Re: HO PC/AMT Modelling Question

   Power cars were used with Amfleet trains powered by E-8's.   As was
stated by another source ( I lost the message ) only 495 to 499 were
converted to HEP.   I remember PC E-8's with Amfleet and power cars, but
cannot verify as I have no photos to prove (that I know of),  but will try.
  I do have photos of power cars on the rear of Amfleet trains at Rocky
Neck State Park in CT., however cannot match with the head end.   My
assumption is that both Amtrak and PC E units were on the point, along with
ex NH GP-9's, as PC power seemed to last longer than many other roads,
strangely enough!
   My best answer to your question is that either would be appropriate,
although you'll need to model a power car if using E units.


> From: ebulman -AT- bidmc.harvard.edu
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: PC: HO PC/AMT Modelling Question
> Date: Thursday, June 25, 1998 11:52 AM
> I would like to model early Amtrak operations by using two P2K E8As
> in the PC 4252-4266 series that operated out of South Station in Boston.
> Would it be possible to use the Walthers Phase 1 coach and food service
> cars, or would it be "more accurate" to use IHC/Rivarossi type cars? I
> would be modelling up to the late summer 1976.
> Thanks.
> Ed

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