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PC: Re: GP-40

the GE's went fast when the leases expired and the GP40's got wiped out
last year.   A number of GP38's are also gone - I think some of the leases
PC got on engines were not the world's greatest, because a lot of units
have been gone a long time.  The last GE's were the U23C's, now cut up.

here's what should be left:

a number of SW1500's - some 80-90 of them came from the PC. Conrail has
been selling off all SW-types of late and the series is no longer complete.

GP38's - other than 7656-59 (LV) and some PRSL units, the rest are PC and
include a few non-dynamic dual control units.   the series is not complete,
for example a lot of the high 7700's are gone.

SD38's - all but one that's now the property of the Reading and Northern

SD40M-2's - high 6900 series.  these were R/B from mainly CR units,
including the last 3 CNJ units on the roster, also including a few pre-PC
units and some former PAC Rail units.

pre dash-2 SD40's that remained after the R/B program were leasers for a
while (0800 series), and now belong to an EMD leasing agent.

Former PC units still well outnumber those of other roads:

EL - 10
RDG - about 40
LV - 4
CNJ - 3
PRSL - less than 10
all others are gone entirely.

Bill's Syracuse rail page 

: From: AGO3 -AT- aol.com
: To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
: Subject: PC: GP-40
: Date: Friday, June 26, 1998 6:19 PM
: I was reviewing a current Conrail roster and it appears that the PC
GP-40s are
: off the roster.  If that's true then the only x-PC units are small
: and SD38 and GP-38 units.  I don't think any GE units are left on the
: roster.

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