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PC: Re: Re: PC units on LIRR

LIRR has/had GP38-2's and MP15's, plus a couple of SW1001's.  as far as I
know these were all new to LIRR - PC never had any non-dymanic dash-2
GP38's that I know of, and they have some unique details.  (Yes PC had some
non-dynamic pre dash-2 38's and even some with dual control).  PC's newest
switchers were SW1500's...   Some of the cab cars were PC/NH FA's once upon
a time though. 

Bill's Syracuse rail page 

: From: Mester123 -AT- aol.com
: To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
: Subject: PC: Re: PC units on LIRR
: Date: Friday, June 26, 1998 7:06 PM
: Speaking of former PC units, the Long Island Rail Road rosters some
: interesting diesel equipment.  It includes some GP-units that are out on
: east end of each train, all of which (the GP-units) are powered that are
: on the east end of these trains.  On the west end are usually some very
: interestimg ancient equipment that includes peices like F-7's and F-A's
: to tell about a few.  These as far as I know, are non-powered and are
used  as
: cab cars in a sense.  They are found on the west end of the trains.  
: Getting back to the subject that I was on, does anyone know if any of
: diesels (the GP-units or the old mainline units) were ever Penn Central
: To my knowledge none of them were built for LIRR use originally.  Is this
: true?  If so, did any run on PC or run in service for PC?   Are there any
: still running LIRR diesel units that were originally built for the LIRR?
: Thanks!
: John Weyhausen

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