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PC: RE: Re: Upper Harlem Line

	I'm too old to have taken the PC, but I do recall trips on the
New York Central from New York to Amenia in 1956 and 1957, to return to
school in Millbrook after Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations. Those of
us whose parents refused to drive the Housatonic Parkway took a Saturday
or Sunday afternoon train from Grand Central that wandered into  Amenia
around six or seven. The train usually was empty except for schoolboys.
I remember clearly a heavyweight cafe-dining-club car,  where the
steward would serve you liquor if you looked old enough to shave. This
was when the legal drinking age in New York was eighteen. I never passed
the shave test, but one of my friends always slipped me part of his
	Later in 1957 or early in 1958 the weekend schedule changed and
we switched to one of the many trains from GCT to Poughkeepsie.
	No doubt someone will find a timetable to prove that the weekend
train never existed.  

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> I'm just wondering if anyone out there ever rode PC's Harlem Line
> above Dover Plains, NY in the last years of service.  

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