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PC: Re: Upper Harlem Line

I'm just wondering if anyone out there ever rode PC's Harlem Line above Dover
Plains, NY in the last years of service.  In this case, I am primarily
interested in the operation of that part of the Harlem Line by Penn Central.
As I wrote in my article at the PC site, passenger service was dropped above
Dover Plains by Penn Central on Monday, March 20, 1972.  

Does anyone remember riding the line in the days of PC operation?  Does anyone
remember watching Chatham bound or NY City bound from Chatham PC trains
pulling into any of the stations above Dover Plains such as Millerton, Copake
Falls, Amenia and others?  There's one Metro-North RR conductor that my father
knows who began his career on the PC Metropolitan Region and was in charge of
weekend Chatham runs.  Are there any retired Harlem Line employees on this
list or any who aren't retired but ran Harlem trains in the late 1960s and

John Weyhausen    

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