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Re: PC: Re: PC MU # 1077

> Anyway the
>museum calls itself DANBURY "RAILWAY" MUSEUM a museum that is 
supposed to
>preserve "ALL" types of railroad equipment not just NH stuff.

Jerome, the name does not determine what they collect. Their stated 
purpose determines that. If their stated purpose is to preserve the 
railroad history of Danbury, they can call themselves "Danbury Potato 
Chip Museum", and that doesn't change the purpose. (Granted, that 
would not be a good choice of names.) I have been told by directors 
of the museum that all future efforts will go to acquiring and 
preserving equipment that ran to Danbury. In some cases, it may be 
representative, as the RS-1. In others, it may be equipment that 
actually ran to Danbury. It is not restricted to NH equipment.

> And they also
>have none NH stuff, a PRR B60 Baggage, Box Car, Hopper, EL Hopper 
most of
>which never mader it there anyway and who cares, "its a MUESUM".

The most recent major acquisition is a pair of NH washboard MUs from 
the Metro North wire train. They also have an NH caboose, an NH 
gondola, two RDCs, and two PRR/PC/CR cabooses. All may have been see 
at Danbury. They have been pestering Metro North for an FL-9, and 
supposedly have been promised one.

> NYC 4537
>is no different than what other non-NH stuff they have there.

Sure it is. The other stuff either doesn't belong to them, was 
acquired to be used for other purposes (the ex Reading excursion 
cars), or was acquired before the stated purpose of the museum was 
refined to limit themselves to equipment that ran in Danbury. 

Peter King

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