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List server notes (was Re: PC: Sorry! II)

> To all:
> 	Yesterday, being somewhat of a computer klutz, I mistakenly sent a message
> intended only for Mike Scheuermann, a reply to his query about British
> railways, to the PC list.  I tried to send a follow-up "please
> disregard/apology" message, but I've never received that one back, so I
> don't know if it made it to all of you.  In case it didn't, sorry.  I
> didn't intend to be off-topic, and it won't happen again.

Actually, the message bounced back to me....the list server picked up what
it thought could have been a subscribe request and didn't send it to the list.
Sometimes that happens, but it beats getting "unsubscribe" messages to the
list from those who don't follow proper instructions.... 

(Don't sweat the misdirected e-mail, Christian....we all make mistakes.)

Just a reminder to everyone that by default, all messages from the list are
set up with the Reply-To field set back to the list. So if you want to mail
someone privately off-list, be sure to change the address in the To: header
in your e-mail program.

Also, as long as I have your attention: This morning we added a new feature
called TLB to the list server machine. TLB allows messages being sent out
to the list to be processed more efficiently. Sometimes messages would get
stuck and would show up days or weeks after they were originally sent. (I
think Bill K had that happen to him a week or two ago.) So if you receive
some messages today that have an old send date on them, don't panic. TLB
should eliminate that problem in the future.


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