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PC: 1100 series MU's

A thought:
     With all the discussion of PC 1077 and the possibility that this car
may face the torch,  maybe efforts should be focused more on saving some
1100 series cars as they are retired.
     John Weyhausen mentions the interest by Danbury RR Museum in trying to
aquire a few cars.    I think this is a better idea based upon the good
condition of the cars still in service.    Fans of PC and NYC could be
accomodated by a set of cars reflecting the transition of NYC to PC.   
Imagine a string of three paint schemes...  pure NYC ,  Transition PC in
NYC colors with the word PENN painted over NEW YORK,  and finally to our
delight,  pure PC!!!
      It would be Fantastic if Metro North could donate a few cars or offer
them at a rate that maybe a
fundraising effort could reasonably afford, or even agree to set aside a
few until they could be purchased.
      It may sound like wishful thinking,  but this is probably the last
chance to save ex PC passenger equipment.
     As far as 1077,  the car is not in original condition and would take a
tremendous amount of energy and expense to restore.   Maybe we should
instead save it's memory in photos, and maybe some parts (legally obtained)
and go after the 1100's for preservation.
    As I said, just a thought.   Any  agree ?


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