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Re: PC: Re: PC MU # 1077

John, A museum has to have a stated purpose, and stick to it. 
Otherwise, it becomes a collection of unrelated, rusting junk. 
Consider the Smithsonian Air & Space museum. Their purpose is to 
preserve historically significant  aircraft. So, if I offered to 
donate a 1955 Piper Cub in perfect condition to the museum, they 
would politely refuse. Why? It doesn't fit with their stated purpose. 
The fact that it's in good condition and free is irrelevant.

Peter King

When you think about it, Danbury shouldn't be so picky on what they 
Did a Pennsy GG-1 ever run on the NYC?  No, and the National NYC RR 
Museum has
one, a peice of equipment NYC officials would probably have spit on 
if it
switched onto their rails.

Danbury is turning down an opportunity that will be gone in several 
months.  I
can't blame the National NYC RR Museum.  They're all the way at the 
other end
of the old "System"
and aren't a rich Museum.

John Weyhausen    

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