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PC: Re: PC MU # 1077

>The RS-1 also is not a true NH unit either, being ex-GMR 400 and ITC 

>1053. They also have a PRR open end observation made from a P70 
>So what makes NYC 4537 any different? The 4537 and two Washboard's 
>there shared GCT one time.

The DRM RS-1 may not have originally been an NH unit, but at least 
that type of loco ran into Danbury. NYC MUs never ran to Danbury, and 
the museum has decided that all future acquisitions will be directly 
related to Danbury. They're trying to avoid getting the hodge-podge 
collection that so many museums get, because they take whatever they 
can get.

AFAIK, the PRR observation is not owned by the museum. A number of 
pieces there are privately owned, including the NYC E-8, and the 
Roger Williams.

Peter King

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