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PC: Re: PC MU # 1077 and PC station

That's true, there are plenty of historical societies.  I wonder if the New
York Central System Historical Society would be interested?  As far as I know,
they don't have a web site where I could e-mail them from.   Does anyone know
if they do?  How's everything going with the PCHS?  Has anything gotten
started?  Since this car was later owned and run by Penn Central, it would
make a nice start for their historical society.

I just got back not long ago from the Kensico Cemetary station along the
former PC Harlem Line.  I almost got chased away by a security guard while
waiting to photograph MNRR diesel hauled train # 3955 northbound from GCT.
It's a great railfan spot, but the problem is, the station stop was abandoned
in 1984 when high level platforms were built on the Harlem Line and now it's
cemetary property.  The old low level platform is still there at that
location, but all the station identification signs are gone.  PC commuter
trains stopped here when PC ran the Harlem Line.  

Does anyone remember if there were any Penn Central/MTA station signs at that
location (Kensico Cemetary station)?  If so, on what parts of the platform
were they?  Where there platform lights at this station?  Did Penn Central
consider it a limited service station stop, or a flag stop?  Was there a
platform in the middle of the tracks so northbound passengers getting off
there would have a platform?  

Lastly, does anyone remember if the Lakeview Avenue grade crossing just south
of the station, or the Commerce Street crossing just north of it had crossing
arms in the PC years, or did they just have flashing lights?

Thanks for everything everyone!  After all of this, I now know a lot more
about the 1000 series cars.  Rob Carlo sent some great information about the
interior of the 1000 series cars he found years ago.  Thanks!  Does anyone
know when the Metro-North RR officially plans to retire the PC 1100 series
cars they operate?  I'm very familer with them and don't want to see all of
them end up in a situation like this PC 1000 series car has ended up in.
Since the 1100 series cars are in operating condition and are well maintained,
I'm sure any RR museum would be glad to take them in, because all they'd
really need is to be repainted in authentic NYC or PC colors to consider the
car "restored."  They can run and aren't vandalized.  I'm sure this is all it
would have taken for the 1000 series car too, 25 years ago, but that didn't

John Weyhausen 

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