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PC: Re: PC MU # 1077

OK, well I didn't know what kind of Museum the National NYC RR Museum was.
With a name like the one it has, it leads one to beleive it is a large
organization like the RR Museum of PA or something.  I figured it was a big,
powerful type Museum like the RR Museum of PA.  

This is as much as I can do for # 1077.  I'm only a teen ager and not a rich
one, so I figured this might at least make the National NYC RR Museum aware of
this car before the last of that series goes to the scrapper.  I guess he'll
(the scrapper) be the last stop that car will ever be making, and certainly
not to pick up any commuters!  That car must have pulled up on one of the
"dead end" bumper tracks at Grand Central Terminal many times.  Then it was
pulled back in the other direction.  This time, it'll reach the end of the
line on a dead end track and will be torn apart to become some yuppies
Mercedes or their Lexus or the cab of a Mack truck headed for a trucking

Oh well.

John Weyhausen 

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