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Re: PC: Re: PC MU's

    Your question was not ridiculous to me on 10-29-78, when as a teen I
felt the need to take notes on the interior of  one of several PC 1000
series cars sidelined at Croton-North, awaiting their fate.   I just found
this faded piece of scrap paper that I jotted down info about many pieces
of equipment there.
    This was the interior of 1032:
Gray(ish) floor tiles, may not have been solid gray.  (The floor was
Tan seats, not sure of fabric.   I thought it might be rattan,  but that
has already been addressed. 
Light green walls from floor to window line.
Beige or a cream colored window panel and ceiling.    I also saved a
peeling paint chip from the exterior for future color matching.
    My notes indicate 2-2 seating as I also drew a floor plan.
    Some other pieces of equipment were 1100 series MU's ,  MTA1108,1147
and PC1112 which had blue floors, blue seats, red walls, and a light
(white?) ceiling.   These had 3-1 seating.
     Also,  PC 4425 Bunker Hill obs. with bar still intact,  PC RDC-3 98, 
FL-9's 2006, 5051, 5035 and 5030 all in PC/NH paint,  PC/MTA 5050 and 5036,
ATK 234 and 232,  PC RS-3 5515 (burned) and PC black E-8's 265, 267, 272.  

    Hope this helps

> From: Mester123 -AT- aol.com
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> Subject: Re: PC: Re: PC MU's
> Date: Friday, June 19, 1998 9:34 PM
>  I know that this question may seem ridiculous to some, but does
> anyone know what the interiors of the PC's 1000 series (ex-NYC 4500's)
> painted?  
> John Weyhausen

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