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PC: Re: PC MU # 1077

After all of our conversation, how many people are interested in, or plan to
e-mail the National New York Central Railroad Museum's Executive Director,
David Bird about the National New York Central RR Museum preserving the ex-
NYC, ex-PC MU car we're all talking about?  As I said in my other e-mail, this
car needs to be preserved soon or it'll bne gone for good and then none of us
can get photos of it.  So now that we've made it (MU # 1077) so popular, how
many people are interested in e-mailing the National NYC RR Museum, one of the
last places and MOST fitting place for this car to go, to talk the National
NYC RR Museum into acquiring this car?

I hope the results are good for old # 1077's sake!  

John Weyhausen  

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