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RE: PC: electrics

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Sent: 	Saturday, June 20, 1998 8:15 PM
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Subject: 	Re: PC: electrics

Sorry I havn't been too active lately.  I am
preparing for a new position at work and that
has been using my time.
I have ridden the PRR MP54's many times in the Philadelphia area.  I
didn't have to worry about being thrown off of them like the metro's.
It seems as though I did alot of dead headding
if you know whay I mean.  When we got relieved on the high line, the
crews would stay in the bunk house behind 30th st station.  (Next
to the coach yard in the power plant building)
I used to go up on the platform of 30th st. and jump on the commuter
trains and ride them.
There were the tuscan red ones that still said 
PENNSYLVANIA on the side and the PRR keystone behind the motormans door.
Penn Central green ones had the  PC worms
in place of the keystone and PENN CENTRAL
replaced PENNSYLVANIA.  I thought riding the 
MP54's was like riding the old railroad.   You 
had the feeling you were on  regular passenger cars, unlike the metro,s
which were climate controled and couldn't open the windows.  It
felt to me like you were in a vacuum tube.(Metro's)  Riding the MPs you
could hear and feel the click clack of the track.  On the metros you
couldn't unless you went over a switch or interlocking.  Try to imagine
my frame of mind:  even though I was working for Penn Central, I was
riding the Pennsylvania and savoring a piece of history.  I only wish I
had taken alot more pictures bcause I knew those cars were doomed.
Be talking at ya.

Wow, sure sounds like fun. I have only ridden the NJT silverliners and Arrows.

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